José Luis

The firm JOSÉ LUIS was born in 1957 with the opening of an establishment on the emblematic Calle Serrano in Madrid.


A place where -according to the great writer Emilio Romero- “writers, artists, relevant socialites, politicians, bankers and people of the serene and exciting professions” meet, seduced by the exquisite morsels and the relaxed atmosphere of discussion that came about around them.

The success of that experience lead to the expansion of JOSÉ LUIS with the opening of new beer gardens and restaurants in Madrid and other parts of the Spanish geography. Establishments that always follows the philosophy of their founder: simple cuisine based on quality products and attentive service, pampering every detail.

Subsequently, the desire of JOSÉ LUIS’ clients to take that quality cuisine to their homes, their celebrations, and in general to any type of social event, led to the creation of CÁTERING JOSÉ LUIS.

By 1993, with growing demand for catering services in the workplace, GRUPO JOSÉ LUIS creates the special GROUP service. A service that brings the characteristic quality of JOSÉ LUIS to company restaurants.

But the work of GRUPO JOSÉ LUIS, understanding the importance of all the elements of a gastronomy, has been extended to all areas of the hospitality world: from training and retraining professionals, to producing, ageing and marketing wine from Bodegas Mocén in Rueda, etc.

Today, with half a century of history under its belt, GRUPO JOSÉ LUIS is one of the most recognized hospitality groups in Spain. And, although it has received over a hundred awards recognising the quality of its numerous activities, the most important thing for GRUPO JOSÉ LUIS is still the trust and loyalty of their customers. Without a doubt the most valuable prize that can be granted.